2: Weddings in Pakistan


Weddings are celebrated differently in different parts of Pakistan yet there are some characteristic events and customs followed in Pakistani weddings all over the country. This post guides you through the whole event of wedding after engagement has been done.

Wedding card: 

Wedding cards are generally colorful and don’t include pictures of bride/groom or any family member. Some families even try to imprint the name of bride and groom indirectly through their recognition with their parents. For example Bint-e-sara ( The daughter of Sara).


Ceremonies and customs in wedding:

There are primarily three events in a wedding:

  1. Mehndi / Mayoon (Pre-wedding day of henna application):
  2. Nikah & Rukhsati (wedding day when the bride leaves for her husband’s house):
  3. Walima (Post-wedding day at bridegroom’s house):

1. Mehndi / Mayoon:

This day is the day of application of henna to the bride. It is the day of yellow, orange and green color primarily.

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2. Nikah & Rukhsati:

The wedding day is a celebration in both houses but the girl’s house has a bigger celebration to arrange because the groom’s family and relatives visit the girl’s house/ wedding hall to take the bride with them after the formal religious ceremony of nikah. Both the bride and the groom sign the papers of “nikah” (Marriage contract) and all relatives pray for them.

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Food is carefully selected on such occasions with a variety of dishes and luxurious food.


Then the sad moment of the bride’s departure from her father’s house arrives with all eyes wet for the memories of past when she was living with them. Father and brothers of the bride step out with her to lead her to the wedding car.

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rukhsatipakistan wedding cars.

3. Walima:

Walima is generally the third day of wedding ceremony  that is celebrated at groom’s house. Bride’s family and friends visit her on this reception. Walima dresses for brides are less traditionally colored and designed. Here you will not see the traditional red color. Pink, blue, green, golden and many other colors are seen. This day is generally a joyful day, unlike the tense wedding day.

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Urdu reading practice:



Urdu listening practice:

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