1: The Festival of Basant / Jashan-e-baharaan

tumblr_mcpkhdy38R1ri7m0vo1_500ggg2008021055420501 tumblr_mcpkhdy38R1ri7m0vo1_500 basant2 basant-festival-lahore-pakistanBasant-In-Lahore-Faislabad-Islamabad-2011-Pakistan-1 basant-lahore-12

Basant / Jashan-e-baharaan is one of the most popular and colorful festivals in Pakistan. It is a kite flying event that tends to have a lot of self-decided competitions. It is celebrated in the month of February, symbolizing a welcome to the spring. Although the festival is famous all over the country, the province of Punjab is the center of major activity especially the city of Lahore. People gather in Lahore to witness the biggest basant festival of the country. This festival is celebrated  all over the city especially in the “Andaroon-e-Shehr (The inner City or the Walled city) area. This is the ancient part of the city characterized by small streets and old architecture. Roof tops are filled with people, kites, and colors, while the air echoes the music. Every time a kite gets cut by the rival, the winning group shouts the phrase of victory “Bo Kataa” (the kite got cut). Along with its beauties, the festival brings its darker sides as well including numerous death and injuries resulting from hard glass strings, roof falls, and celebratory gun shots.

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2 thoughts on “1: The Festival of Basant / Jashan-e-baharaan

  1. Really enjoyed seeing the pictures and videos of Basant. Makes me want to visit Lahore-specially the food I saw in one of the videos.
    I was a little surprised to know that you celebrate Basant in Pakistan, but pleasantly surprised. I hope you will not forget these festivals by calling them un-islamic. In Delhi, when I was growing up we used to say “Aaai Bo” when we cut other’s patang but Bo kaata is more commonly used elsewhere.


    • Thank you Rahul,
      The biggest festival of basant is in Lahore. Lahore is fun during Basant season. I never heard these festivals being called “unislamic”; though some people do regard them to be a waste of money and lives (at times). In Pakistan, we say “Bo Kataa”; “wii bo” is nice to know and is something new. I am simply in love with Pakistani food. If you can ever taste Haleem and nihari, you will fall in love with them.lol..

      Stay blesssed

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